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“Why does a grown man bunt…” Pitchers who are uncomfortable with planting, these days, there is this kind of old man “He looks like a 105-year-old man”

 The pitcher was furious at the batter’s successive surprise bunt attempts. There are still such ‘Kkondae’ in the major leagues. 

Veteran right-handed pitcher Lance Lynn (36, Chicago White Sox), who has won 128 major league wins and has been selected as an All-Star twice, had 8 hits (3 homers) and 2 walks in 6 innings in an away game against the Los Angeles Angels on the 30th of last month (hereinafter Korean time). He suffered his 8th loss (5 wins) of the season with 7 strikeouts and 5 runs, and his ERA soared to 6.47. 

There was one play that made Lin angry that day. Andrew Velasquez (29) of the Angels went on base with a bunt hit in the second inning with no outs and first base behind 1-4. Velázquez made a bunt action from the first pitch. He took the bat when it became a ball, and bunt again on the ball that entered the zone on the second pitch.메이저놀이터

It was an exquisite bunt hit that went to the side of the pitcher, and Lin had a hard time catching it and threw it to first base, but Velázquez was quick. In the continued crisis of 1st and 2nd base, Lin ended the inning without allowing additional runs with a fly ball and consecutive strikeouts, but it was uncomfortable to plant. Velázquez’s series of surprise bunts sparked anger. 

According to the ‘Chicago Sun-Times’, after the game, Lin said, “I hate bunt hits. If you’re a grown man, he should swing the bat. By the way, Velázquez tried to bunt twice. It was embarrassing. He doesn’t hit, there are people looking for it,” he said, revealing that he was upset by the bunt. 

Controversy arose over this. According to ‘The Athletic’ on the 1st, former White Sox manager Aji Guillen said, “Pitchers don’t like defending bunts for fear of looking like an idiot chasing the ball. Did you see Lin chasing the ball? He looked like a 105-year-old,” he criticized sarcastically. 

Angels manager Phil Nevin said, “I like Lynne, but he has the old Nolan Ryan mindset of, ‘No one should bunt on me.'” We tried to win, and he was told a lot of times to practice bunting. That’s what we think of Velázquez as a successful big league player.” 

The Athletic’s Angels reporter Sam Blum said, “Lynn pitched horribly enough to allow a major league-high 22 homers this season with a 6.47 ERA. At the time of the bunt, Velázquez hit three home runs. Lin should be grateful for the fact that he bunt,” he said. Lin threw 31 sliders against the Angels, including one to Velazquez in his first at-bat. Why didn’t he throw a fast ball like a man? If he’s a real man, he shouldn’t be afraid to throw every ball only with fastballs,’ he said, raising the intensity of his criticism. 

Continuing, reporter Blum said, ‘The word looking for hits is absurd. It is the batter’s job to find hits. Velázquez isn’t the best hitter. His career batting average over six major league seasons is only 109.4. But he developed a bunt ability with his quick feet. It’s a way for him to hit and help the team. Why shouldn’t he use such technology?’ 

Further, reporter Blum said, ‘Usually, a no-hitter in the second half of an inning or a bunt to break a perfect game is frowned upon unless it’s a close game. It may not be a good idea to bunt with the score wide open. However, in the case of Velázquez, it was twice, and the Angels had a 3-point lead. There’s no better time to bunt for an extra run against a struggling pitcher. “Bunts have been part of the game of baseball for 150 years. A tricky bunt hit doesn’t violate any unwritten rules,’ he emphasized. 

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