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Why can’t I believe in ‘1st nomination natural talent’… ’10 billion substitute’ kicked a golden opportunity

“The leader doesn’t want to look shrunken, lacking confidence, and bowing his head. I think I need to regain my confidence.”메이저도메인

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop was deeply disappointed in Kim Dae-han (23), an outfield prospect from the first pick in 2019. Kim Dae-han is a player evaluated by Doosan as having a natural talent to become a national team player at the time of nomination in 2019. Leaders who watched and taught Kim Dae-han at least once, including coach Lee, former coach Tae-hyung Kim, and coaches, admired his innate athletic ability every time.

But there was a gap between expectations and reality. According to Doosan’s plan, Daehan Kim should have taken off the label of a ‘prospect’ early on and grown as a main axis early on, but he has been almost in place for the fifth year.

The biggest problem is the attitude of not believing in yourself. His passive and low-confidence behavior on and off the field is leading to his report card. During the 2020 season, when I returned after clearing my head for a while while serving in the military on active duty, I heard the voices of insiders saying that they were more relaxed than when they were rookies, but they are shrinking again before they know it.

Coach Lee still believed in Kim Dae-han and gave him a chance. This is because he believed in the potential Kim Dae-han showed from last year’s finish camp to spring camp. Kim Dae-han was first registered in the first team on May 31st as he left due to an injury ahead of the opening game. Only 5 matches were played as substitutes. In the defense, he made a big mistake once, and in the at-bat, he struggled with a batting average of 0.213 (16 hits in 75 at-bats), an OPS of 0.609, 1 home run, and 7 RBIs.

As Kim Dae-han received the full support of his commanding tower, he had to play his baseball more boldly on the ground. However, because the results he wanted did not come out, he kept his head down and was not confident. In the Ulsan Lotte Giants game on the 1st, he even played a game that seemed to take the chance of one at-bat and one at-bat lightly. This is the background that director Lee, who had been waiting for in silence, boldly pulled out his sword. Daehan Kim was canceled from the first team entry on the 2nd, and outfielder Chanyeol Yang joined to fill the vacancy.

There are various reasons why Doosan did not actively defend right fielder Park Kun-woo when he transferred to the NC Dinos as a free agent after last season, but one of them was that he believed that Kim Dae-han was ready to grow as a replacement. By the time Kim Dae-han reached his prime, he saw that he had enough talent to surpass Park Kun-woo, who was evaluated at 10 billion won in 6 years in the free agent market.

However, if the player himself does not believe in his potential and value, the full support of the head coach and club will lose its shine. It is also disrespectful to other players who are sweating hard to get a chance at bat.

Coach Lee hoped that Daehan Kim would spend some time away from the first team and organize his thoughts. Even in the first team, when the judgment is made that he has the mindset to attack hard, he will try to call Kim Dae-han again.메이저사이트

Coach Lee said, “Kim Dae-han is a player who has to wait for a while for us these days, but he seemed to have lost his confidence in the game these days. But we can’t do anything about the professional player’s psychological decline. Ulsan Lotte match) also showed an appearance that did not fit the situation, so I judged that it was still not enough to play as a starter in the 1st team.

Director Lee seems to have decided that the time has come for him to receive a sharp beating as he has high expectations for Daehan Kim. How long it will take to reorganize in the second group depends on Kim Dae-han. Will Kim Dae-han be able to prove the eyes of the club that evaluated him as a next-generation star?

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