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The return of key players such as Choi Jun-yong and Na Gyun-an is imminent, Lotte Sutton’s ‘July Hope’

 “It is certain that I created a good atmosphere in the recent game.”

Lotte, who had a gloomy June with repeated falls while marching high after joining the ‘River 3’, is shining the sunlight of a rebound again. In addition to the imminent return of key players who left due to injuries, players who were sluggish are gradually recovering. The Lotte command tower left behind the difficult June and talked about the ‘Song of Hope in July’.메이저도메인

Coach Larry Sutton met ahead of the first day of the weekend’s three-game series against Doosan in the 2023 KBO League at Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan on the 30th and expressed his candid views on the positive elements that will revitalize the team.

Coach Sutton began his speech with regret over the cancellation of the match against Sajik Samsung on the 29th. Lotte, which was going through a downward trend, was on a winning streak by winning two consecutive days in a row against Samsung on the 27th and 28th.

Sutton said, “Actually, I was hoping to play yesterday. He prepared well and trained well,” he said.

At the same time, expectations were expressed for the return of key players such as Na Kyun-an and Choi Jun-yong. This is the biggest positive factor that Lotte can aim for a rebound. Na Kyun-an was excluded from group 1 due to inflammation on the inside of the elbow on the 22nd. Choi Jun-yong was out of the roster in the middle of last month due to an injury and is about to return.

Coach Sutton said, “If everything goes well as planned, Na Kyun-an will start against Hanwha in Daejeon on July 4. However, depending on the weather, the plan may change.”

For Lotte, it is nice to see Na Kyun-an’s quick recovery. This is because he has played the role of a native ace with an average ERA of 3.14 and 6 wins and 2 losses in 14 games before his injury this season. On top of that, Choi “Young Gun” Jun-yong, a surefire bullpen, is warming up by digesting bullpen pitching that day.

Coach Sutton said, “I saw Choi Joon-yong pitching in the bullpen, and his fastball was good and his slider fell sharply. I couldn’t confirm his speed, but he threw with ease, but his pitch was good. The angle at which the slider bends also gave me the feeling of seeing Jun-yong Choi from the past,” he explained. He added, “From my point of view, Choi Jun-yong’s condition was 100%.”

Displaced resources are returning one after another. Prior to the end of the first half, infielder Noh Jin-hyeok is expected to return. It is true that it is so strong.메이저놀이터

Coach Sutton said, “I go into the game with the promise to bring a winning series in any series, whether it is against the 2nd place team or the 9th place team. is possible The fact that they are making a comeback means that a strong supporter is coming to the team,” he said with a smile.

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