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The greatest talent that Manchester United strangely discarded…exploded in popularity after being loaned out, ranking first in the history of uniform sales

Mason Greenwood, who left Manchester United, is steadily continuing his career again at Getafe.

It was last month that Manchester United announced their parting ways with Greenwood. Manchester United said on the club’s website: “We have completed our internal investigation into Greenwood. The internal investigation process began in February 2023, when all charges were dropped. Therefore, we are investigating undisclosed evidence, including those with clear knowledge of the incident. “We had to proceed with caution to obtain this,” he said, first mentioning the process of announcing the results of the internal investigation regarding Greenwood.바카라사이트

“Based on the evidence available to us, we have concluded that the material posted online does not account for the full circumstances and that Greenwood did not commit the crimes for which he is accused,” he said. They said they had confirmed it internally.

However, United said: “Greenwood made a mistake, as he has publicly admitted, and he takes responsibility. Everyone involved, including Greenwood, acknowledges that he will no longer be able to restart his career at Manchester United. “We have mutually agreed that it would be most appropriate for him to leave Manchester United. Manchester United will now work with Greenwood to achieve the results of our internal investigation,” he said.

The majority of responses were that they were perplexed by Manchester United’s announcement. He was not found guilty, and even though it was internally determined that he had not committed a crime, the decision was made to let Greenwood go. Although it was revealed later, Manchester United originally planned to reinstate Greenwood to the team. This is because the investigation revealed that Greenwood was not guilty.

At the time, Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ reported, “CEO Arnold held a meeting with the club’s management in the first week of August to talk about plans for Greenwood’s return. However, the club has since faced strong criticism both inside and outside the club. The meeting was held again last Friday. “We have decided not to reinstate Greenwood to the first team at this time,” it was reported.

Coach Erik ten Haag is also known to have expressed support for Greenwood’s return, but the club suddenly changed its decision to part ways with Greenwood due to concerns about damage to its image. Greenwood was one of the best talents in the Premier League (PL) beyond Manchester United, but he had no choice but to start his career at a new team.

Greenwood left for Getafe in Spain’s La Liga as a loanee. Coach Jose Bordalas Hetefa said of Greenwood’s return, “The situation is too sensitive to trivialize this issue. Everyone knows that the relevant authorities did what they had to do and it ended in an acquittal. Therefore, he is free.” He claimed that there is no problem at all with Greenwood continuing his career as a player.

The same goes for Getafe public sentiment. The UK’s Daily Mail reported on the 15th (Korean time), “In one week, Getafe sold more Greenwood jerseys than any other player in the club’s history. There appears to be little opposition outside Getafe and it is highly unlikely that any protests will take place. “As for Getafe and their fans, Greenwood has not been found guilty so there are no problems with him,” he said, explaining that Greenwood has their full support.

Manchester United, which did not return Greenwood, is in a state of emergency in the attack line due to Anthony’s assault charges and Jadon Sancho’s protest. Immediate performance may be a problem, but even if Greenwood had been there, there would have been less concern about the club than there is now.

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