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The best finisher who rejected a long-term contract, leaving in two years. LG’s winning timer is 2 years

The LG Twins have two years to challenge for the championship. The top finisher Ko Woo-seok must embrace the glory of winning before he advances overseas.

LG recently asked Ko Woo-seok for a long-term contract, but Ko Woo-seok rejected it. Go Woo-seok has completed 6 years of FA registration until this season. He will be eligible for free agency after the 2024 season if he pitches just two more healthy years.

If Ko Woo-seok comes out as a free agent, he will become the biggest word. He can be the first choice pitcher for a team that needs a closer.

He is already the best closer in the country. His fourth year of finishing, his all-season record of 4 wins, 2 losses, and 42 saves, with an earned run average of 안전놀이터 1.48, led him to become the save king. He became the youngest player to achieve 40 saves, and his career 100 saves reached a day late to Lim Chang-yong, making him the second youngest player ever. That means he’s been save-hunting at such a young age.

Of course, LG needs him, so he asked about a long-term contract, but Ko Woo-seok refused because he had a dream of playing in the major leagues.

It is a big blow for LG to lose Ko Woo-seok. Of course, LG has many good bullpen resources such as Jung Woo-young and Lee Jeong-yong, but the recent absence of Ko Woo-seok, who has been playing the finishing position, makes us feel anxious about the back door. No matter how good a set-up man is, there are cases where he pitches insecurely after being in charge of the finisher. This is because he must have not only skills, but also a strong mentality.

The fact that Go Woo-seok is promoting overseas expansion in two years means that LG can maintain its championship potential for two years. LG should reach the goal of winning when Ko Woo-seok is present.

LG, who finished second in the regular season this season. Next year, the goal is to win unconditionally, so I changed the command tower to coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop. 4 hitter Chae Eun-seong and main catcher Yoo Gang-nam transferred to free agency, so there are concerns about weakening power, but FA catcher Park Dong-won was hired, and Chae Eun-seong’s vacancy was filled with promising players such as Lee Jae-won and Song Chan-eui and foreign hitters, so it is not a big power loss.

As SSG Landers, the winning team, changed all three foreign players, doubts arose about their power, and Kiwoom Heroes, who finished runner-up in the Korean Series, gave up on renewing the contract with foreign hitter Yasiel Puig. LG has no big hole, so it can be seen that it has maintained its power to some extent, so it is still considered as a candidate for the championship next season.