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Sixth Man Turned Westbrook Less LAL Less Likely

Will Westbrook stay with the Lakers?

Reporter Sam Amick of ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 16th (Korean time) about Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Westbrook is one of the most trade rumored players in the NBA in recent years. Suffering from the worst slump last season, stories have been heard that the Lakers are actively looking into Westbrook’s trade.

As a result, Westbrook’s move to the team has not happened yet. Two months into the new season, Westbrook is still playing in a Lakers uniform.

Westbrook, who switched to a sixth man under the Davinham manager system, averaged 14.7 points, 5.9 rebounds and 7.5 assists. His scoring average is the lowest since his debut and with minutes played per game down to 28.3, Westbrook’s volume numbers have mostly declined.

However, there are many evaluations that his bench appearance is rather helpful to the team in terms of combination problems or 스포츠토토 efficiency with his teammates. Considering his high annual salary of $47 million, it is true that his performance is still lacking, but there are many opinions that the sixth man is the best role for the Lakers to utilize him.

According to reporter Amick, it is increasingly likely that Westbrook will finish this season with the Lakers. It is Westbrook who gets FA qualification after this season.

“Sources have told me that it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that the Lakers will trade Russell Westbrook before the trade deadline,” Amick said. This seems to be because Westbrook is being recognized by the Lakers front for his recent performance improvement.

In particular, the owner of Jeanie Buss is known to be negative about Westbrook’s trade. The owner of Buss is said to have expressed his objection when the Lakers were close to a trade to acquire Miles Turner and Buddy Hild with Westbrook and the future pick.

In addition to Westbrook’s rebound in performance, other problems prevent him from being traded. In order for the Lakers to achieve meaningful reinforcement by sending Westbrook, future draft picks must also be included in the package. However, in a situation where top grades this season are not guaranteed, it is not easy to consume the future assets that are lacking again.

It is the Lakers who are currently rumored to trade other guards such as Kendrick Nunn and Patrick Beverly rather than Westbrook. Will Westbrook complete the season in a Lakers uniform?