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‘Scoring in 771 days’ Gimcheon Lee Jun-seok “U22 benefits are over… I will work hard as usual” 

Lee Jun-seok, managing director of Kim Cheon, who scored after 771 days, expressed his feelings and determination.

Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team won 3-0 in an away game against Bucheon FC in the 19th round of Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 held at Bucheon Sports Complex at 7:30 pm on the 1st. Lee Jun-seok, who started this day, received a pass from Kang Hyeon-mook in the 23rd minute of the second half, scored a shot after dribbling alone, and led Gimcheon to victory.

After the game, Lee Jun-seok said, “I thought the 2023 season would be difficult due to the injury, but I felt good because I overcame it well and helped the team by scoring. He and Kang Hyeon-mook usually get along well. He seems to have performed well on the pitch,” he said.

Lee Jun-seok’s goal on this day had a different meaning. This is because it was his first goal in Gimcheon after his enlistment on June 13 last year and his second goal in his professional career. It was his first goal in 771 days since his professional debut goal for Incheon on May 21, 2021.

Regarding this, Lee Jun-seok said, “After he joined the pros, he had a lot of injuries. He only had to go to the game and then the injury came. He didn’t get his way. On the other hand, I wondered why bad news only came to me. However, he felt and learned a lot after enlisting in the military. Now I feel comfortable thinking that it is a passing process. He explained that he will continue to challenge himself for a progressive image in the future.”

Lee Jun-seok, who belonged to the U22 resource until last year, must win the opportunity by competing equally without any advantage from this year. The competition within the team has become more intense, but ironically, Lee Jun-seok is writing a career high this season. Since his professional debut in 2019, he has posted the most offensive points in six seasons. He has appeared in 6 games this season, scoring 1 goal and 3 assists. He achieved more than half of his professional career 2 goals and 5 assists (7 attack points) in 6 games this season.메이저사이트주소

Lee Jun-seok said, “I don’t belong to U22 resources anymore. It is also his first season as a real professional player. Competition may be a burden, but the mind is the most comfortable. He’s trying to do as hard as he does. The first thing to do is to perfectly fulfill what the coaching staff demands. He said, “I will continue to work hard to become a good player and show a good figure.”

Regarding the team’s three consecutive victories, he said, “The players have a lot of meetings before training. If you prepare a little more tactically, you will be able to win enough. As the oldest, I will do my best to show fans more fun football.”

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