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Rush Poker – Texas Hold’em on Steroids

First of all, what is Rush Poker? In essence, Full Tilt’s Texas Hold’em has a twist. It plays very fast. Even if you decide to play a hand, you will receive two hole cards in all normal betting rounds. If you fold, or call it a “quick fold,” you will immediately move and sit at a new table with a new opponent. You can play over 400 hands per hour.

So, what are the advantages of Rush Poker? Since you can play far more hands per hour than at a traditional table, making the decision to play or fold all the time makes it hard to get bored and complacent. Also, since there are always new people at the table, it is much harder for opponents to read your play style. The player who has not played the big blind in the most hands is the big blind. The move to the new table is immediately after folding the hand.

Rush Poker’s strengths are also one of its downsides, since it’s difficult to gather data about your opponents, as playing non-opponent cards influences your decision-making. This makes Rush Poker a useful Texas Hold’em learning tool. If you want to tweak how you play different hands in different seating positions, this is a great place to test them out. There are table limits from $.02/.05 to $2/4. Low limit tables offer a unique opportunity to try different hand strategies in different table positions with a very low risk factor. Once your confidence in a new game strategy has been validated and it proves profitable at a lower level, move it up a level and see if it works. Be careful not to go up more than one level at a time until you feel comfortable playing at the new stakes level. If your bankroll takes a hit at a higher level, move back down and rethink your playing strategy.

Recently some poker analysis software tools have been upgraded to accommodate Rush Poker. The Hold’em Manager now collects stats on your Rush Poker table opponents, so after playing for a while, start getting a profile of your opponents. Data is displayed on a fast-changing heads-up display (HUD). The total player pool can exceed 500 players, but on the other hand it takes longer to build a profile for your opponents than with a traditional table, as you can play more than 400+ hands per hour. 토토사이트 in ’em Manager can help you make the right decisions in difficult situations or normal gameplay. Wouldn’t you like to know that the person who just entered the pot at the cutoff has an 80% chance of trying to steal the pot? These people are ripe to pick when they know they are bluffing most of the time.

If you want to dip your toe into a free Rush Poker table, there are plenty of tables to choose from. As with other free games, you won’t get the real poker playing experience because people seem to do the dumbest things when they don’t have real money.

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