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‘Recurrence of assault incident in 3 years’ SSG “Pre-report system for the team’s own set”

 After three years, another violent incident occurred in the Futures (2nd team) team, and SSG Landers, a professional baseball team in shock, presented a ‘recurrence prevention plan’.

SSG issued an apology on the 19th, when the KBO Reward and Penalty Committee confirmed the punishment of the ‘offender’, and promised to prevent recurrence again.

Specific alternatives were also presented, such as having seniors report in advance the ‘team set’, which was packaged as a ‘place to discipline’ juniors.

On that day, the KBO punishment and punishment committee suspended Lee Won-joon (25) for hitting a junior with a bat for 72 games, and infielder Lee Ji-yeon (26) and outfielder Choi Sang-min (22) for corporal punishment for 30 games.

The SSG club said, “We sincerely apologize for the great disappointment to fans who love professional baseball due to the disrespectful behavior of some players.” I will do my best,” he said.

He also made specific promises.

The SSG club said, “At this point, the club will accurately diagnose the awareness and behavioral level of all players in the 1st and 2nd teams for the act of damaging dignity, and reexamine the overall management and operation of the team, such as training and checking the actual situation, and accommodation management plan. “We will strengthen the rules and systems so that the standards and perceptions of the entire 1st and 2nd team, including the coaching staff, for demeaning behavior can be aligned with the social eye level,” he said.

He continued, “We will establish a ‘written oath to eradicate damage to dignity’ and sign it every year at the time of contract, so that players themselves will use it as an opportunity to renew their mindset about the system.” I will,” he added.

What is more noticeable is the introduction of the group advance notification system.

The SSG club said, “We will also operate the group for communication with the team itself as a ‘pre-report system’ and will manage it strongly so as not to violate the purpose, place, and time of the group.”

On the 6th, at the SSG Futures Team’s training ground, Ganghwa SSG Futures Field in Incheon, an ‘assault incident within the team’ took place.

Lee Je-yeon called his juniors together and joked that a new player this year acted arrogantly.

After the fooling around, Lee Won-joon hit the rookie player who had provided the cause with a bat.

After Lee Won-joon’s assault, Choi Sang-min, who was dissatisfied with the group’s harsh behavior, continued to make fun of his juniors as a group.

A chain of violence followed in which the victim became the perpetrator.

While checking the physical condition of a rookie player who was accidentally assaulted, the coach of the Future Steam learned of the harsh behavior of the players belatedly and reported it to the club, and the SSG club reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

A similar incident occurred in Ganghwa three years ago.

Players who belonged to SK Wyverns, the predecessor of SSG, deviated such as drunk driving and driving without a license, and senior players in the 2nd group inflicted physical punishment on the controversial players.

It was also revealed that the 1st team player who heard this told the Futures player that ‘the players’ discipline had collapsed’ and instructed the junior players in the 2nd team to behave.

After the incident, SK did not report it to the KBO and imposed its own disciplinary action.

The KBO reward and punishment committee also imposed a penalty of 20 million won on the SK club for failing to report.

Kim Taek-hyung and Shin Dong-min, who hit their juniors, were suspended for 30 games and fined 5 million won, and Jung Young-il, who ordered junior players to act foolishly, was suspended for 10 games.

On May 30, 2021, KBO strengthened the disciplinary level of ‘violence’ in Article 151 [Damage of Dignity] of the Baseball Regulations to ‘suspend participation activities for more than 2 months or suspend business trips for more than 50 games or sanction over 5 million won’.

At the time, the level of assault was stronger than Kim Taek-hyung and Shin Dong-min, but as the KBO strengthened discipline, Lee Won-jun, who assaulted his junior with a bat this time, was suspended for 72 games, more than the perpetrators three years ago.

As SSG removed Won-Jun Lee from office, Won-Jun Lee also lost his job.

The KBO reward and punishment committee set the level of punishment for Lee Ji-yeon and Choi Sang-min, who did not inflict physical violence, with a suspension of 30 games, which is lower than the ‘violence’ discipline.

In 2020, SK issued an apology for the act of damaging the dignity of the Futures team and said, “Even for the purpose of discipline, we will thoroughly manage the recurrence of corporal punishment within the team.”

In 2023, SSG issued another apology for similar reasons. This time, more specific recurrence prevention measures were presented than three years ago.메이저놀이터

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the measures to prevent the recurrence of SSG are effective.

SSG bowed its head, saying, “Once again, we sincerely apologize to the fans.”

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