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Players who don’t want to do free agency are also great, 70-year-old super agents… 78.8 billion in fees

Born in 1952, even at the age of 70, the age of ‘super agent’ Scott Boras (70) does not pass. In the major league free agency market this winter, Boras’ customers are also signing large-scale contracts every day. 

Until the 16th 메이저사이트 (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), the total amount of free agent contracts for 10 players belonging to Bora Corporation this offseason was $1.21 billion, which is about 1.5763 trillion won in Korean money. Boras’ highest free agent record. Considering that the agent fee is 5%, Boras’ personal income this winter alone amounts to 60.08 million dollars (approximately 78.8 billion won). 

As for shortstops, Carlos Correa (San Francisco, 13 years, $350 million), who won the highest contract ever, led by shortstop Zander Bogatz (San Diego, 11 years, $280 million), and pitcher Carlos Rodon (New York Yankees, 6 years, 1 year). 62 million dollars), and outfielder Brandon Nemo (New York Mets, 8 years, 162 million dollars) hit the jackpot. 

Following this, Japanese outfielder Masataka Yoshida (Boston, 5 years, $90 million), pitcher Taihuan Walker (Philadelphia, 4 years, $72 million), first baseman Josh Bell (Cleveland, 2 years, $33 million), pitcher Sean Mernaya (2 years, $33 million) San Francisco, 2 years, 25 million dollars), outfielder Cody Bellinger (Chicago Cubs, 1 year, 17.5 million dollars), and pitcher Matt Boyd (Detroit, 1 year, 10 million dollars) were also treated relatively well as Boras’ clients. 

On the 16th, when Rodon agreed to a contract with the Yankees, Boras attended Yoshida’s initiation ceremony held at Fenway Park in Boston. Because Boras, who led the transfer of Boston’s signature shortstop Bogaerts to San Diego, asked questions about Bogaerts as much as Yoshida. At this meeting, Boras introduced an anecdote from four years ago with Bogatz. 

Bogarts signed a six-year, $162 million extension with Boston in April 2019. After the season, he could have pursued a larger contract as a free agent, but decided to stay unbecoming a Boras customer. According to Boston local media ‘Mass Live’, at the time, Bogatz said to Boras, “I’m not the best player yet. I don’t want to do free agency until I’m the best I can do,” he said early on, expressing his intention to remain in Boston. 

In response, Boras said, “There is just one thing I want to ask of you. I would like to extend the contract, but I want to put an opt-out. I have to protect your values,” he said. So, after the 2022 season, I signed a contract with an opt-out clause that allows me to become a free agent. Thanks to this, Bogatz came out to the free agent market this winter with an opt-out, and won a large contract with San Diego that exceeded expectations for 280 million dollars in 11 years. 

This winter for Boras, who turned a player who did not want to play free agency into a free agent hit four years later, is not over yet. Amidst the decision not to overlook the course of large players, there are more quasi-class players left. Designated hitter JD Martinez, outfielders Jurikson Profar, Michael Conforto, and Joey Gallo, infielders Elvis Andrews and Jose Iglesias are free agents with Boras and are not under contract.