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National team record breaker ‘Gimesh’ Ji So-yeon’s entry ticket, “I’ll come back in style”

Ji So-yeon threw a vote ahead of the World Cup.

The Korean women’s soccer team,메이저사이트주소 led by Colin Bell, won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory against Haiti in a friendly match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 5:00 pm on the 8th. In the second half, Ji So-yeon’s penalty kick equalizer and Jang Seul-gi’s come-from-behind wonder goal split the game.

The first half was difficult. Korea had a hard time stopping Haiti from attempting a quick attack with physical condition and individual skills. This eventually led to the opening goal conceded.

Korea’s turnaround began in the second half. Ji So-yeon succeeded and balanced the penalty kick obtained by Cho So-hyun. The balance was maintained until the end of the second half, and at the end of the game, Jang Seul-gi’s Wonder Goal, which received Ji So-yeon’s pass, succeeded in reversing, and the thrilling come-from-behind victory was perfectly decorated.

Ji So-yeon participated as a starter that day and played full-time. As Korea was trailing 0-1, Jo So-Hyun took the penalty kick and scored the equalizer. At the end of the second half, instead of sending the ball into the box in a free-kick situation, she passed a pass to Jang Seul-gi, who was next to her, to accumulate help. Ji So-yeon increased the women’s national soccer team’s all-time record by one more goal with her goal that day.

After the match, Ji So-yeon conducted a broadcast interview, and after that, she met the reporters in the Mixed Zone. Ahead of the World Cup, Ji So-yeon said, “I don’t like it when the coach says I’ll go to a certain place. Instead, I want to show it through actions rather than words. I’ll prepare well for the next two weeks and show them on the World Cup stage with the things I’ve prepared for the past four years.” revealed aspirations.

[Hereinafter Ji So-yeon’s broadcast interview and Mixt Zone interview Q&A]

Mentioned Morocco in the Qatar World Cup. The goal is to reach the semifinals,

and the coach doesn’t like to say where we’re going to go. Instead, they want to show it through actions rather than words. The things I prepared for 4 years, I will prepare well for the remaining 2 weeks and show them on the World Cup stage. The

homework I got from today’s game and what potential I saw.

There were many fast players on the other team, so I knew what parts I needed to supplement. Our focus was on the match against Colombia, but the Haiti players were faster and tougher than expected. Columbia seems to be the same. Haiti was a good sparring opponent. I think I should go to Australia as soon as possible and prepare for the competition.

Effects of high-intensity training

Our body shouldn’t be good right now. The players fought well even in difficult situations. Still, there are many parts that need to be refined. I think we should prepare well and play against Colombia.

How much did your body rise?

How much does it look like? It’s up about 75% to 80% now. It was hot in Korea, so it was difficult to run. I think I can play better in Australia because I know the weather is better. I think I will build up my stamina to run well for 2 weeks. It is the third World Cup

that the national team has been most well prepared for .

The preparation process was better than the last two World Cups. It will never be easy, but we will show you what we have prepared for 4 years.

To the fans

It was my first time playing for Sangam in 10 years, and I was really happy that so many fans came. I know that there are a lot of spectators at the World Cup, so it helped me a lot. I want to say thank you, and ask for your support.

The last domestic evaluation match before the World Cup

is now really leaving for Australia. There were a lot of things I felt I needed to improve while playing. I was happy to be able to win the first A-match in a long time. You will have to prepare steadily for the remaining two weeks.

The coach said that in the WK League, it is difficult to experience players who are physically good and

fast. There is a physical difference from European players, but the competitiveness is sufficient. I trained with the U-17 players during the convocation, and I thought that they were very capable and had enough competitiveness. Despite meeting him for the first time, I felt his skills were good compared to my childhood. I think if you grow well, you will have a competitive edge.

The record for the most appearances and the most goals is always yours. It’s been

a while since I scored a goal in an A-match. It was not a field goal, but a penalty kick made by (Cho) Sohyeon. The national team always carries a sense of responsibility, and I am proud of myself for being able to play for 17 or 18 years in this position. I think I did well without any injuries. I’m still playing so many games, but I hope there are talented people who can play more games than me or Sohyun unnie.

Over 9,000 fans visited

I played the game in happiness. AOMG people also came and added strength. Really thankful. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a large audience of 9,000 people. I think we have to show good performance so that these people can move forward one by one.

When I played against Haiti, the goal of the World Cup,

I felt that women’s soccer had improved a lot. The number of teams participating in the World Cup also increased from 24 to 32. As we have risen, other teams must have also raised their level. It will be a tough challenge, but I will come back as cool as I prepared for 4 years.

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