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Military finds ‘abnormal track’ only after 6 minutes of radar detection of North Korean drone

It was confirmed that the South Korean military first noticed the North Korean drone flying over Seoul on the 26th of last month after it was detected on radar.

According to the interim results of the war readiness inspection currently in progress by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the 6th, at around 10:19 a.m. on the day of the North Korean drone invasion, the UAV’s tracks in the North Korean region were detected by the Army’s 1st Corps’ local air defense radar.

Then, 토토사이트 around 10:25 am on the same day, an additional drone track approaching the Military Demarcation Line ( MDL ) was identified.

At the time of the National Assembly report on the 28th of last month, the military said that the first time the North Korean drone was detected on the radar was 10:25 am on the day of the invasion, but it was actually detected 6 minutes earlier than that.

An official from the Joint Chiefs of Staff explained, “It was 10:25 a.m. when the radar operator recognized the enemy drone, but when the war readiness inspection team reviewed the radar image, it had been tracking since 10:19.”

The North Korean drone that invaded South Korean airspace this time is known to be small with a wingspan of 2m and so large that it is difficult to distinguish it from balloons or flocks of birds on radar.

In addition, the censorship team is also examining when the North Korean drone that was heading to Seoul from the 1st corps was captured and transmitted to the Capital Defense Command at the time of the incident.

It is known that the Joint Chiefs of Staff is also considering the possibility that the transmission of the situation between the 1st Corps and the defense commanders did not take place in a timely manner according to the established procedure.