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Lim Hee-jung “This year’s goal to be ‘prize money king’, I will be a golfer even if I return”

“This year’s goal is to be the prize money champion. I want to enter the US after proving my skills in Korea.

” is the name After she boarded the national team in 2016, she played as an ace and won a silver medal in the women’s golf team event at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. In 2019, she made her KLPGA debut on her tour and won three wins, including one major win in her rookie season. Last year, she won a major tournament, she won the Korean Women’s Open, and has five wins in her career.

She recently met Lim, who is now in her fifth year on tour and has grown into a top player, at a show launching a new product for TaylorMade, her equipment sponsor. She said, “I think her performance was better when she was a rookie. That’s when she came up on tour and all she had to do was focus on golf. As the years go by, she has more things to think about outside of golf,” she said, adding, “It’s the process of finding ways to turn the switch on and off.”

His biggest concern lately is ‘time management’. He complains that balancing the official schedule outside of training is the most difficult. If you focus only on training, your relationship can be neglected, but if you don’t invest time in training, your performance will suffer. Lim Hee-jung said, “I tend to ask for advice from my seniors and older sisters, but I realized that players in high positions thoroughly manage their time and value time.”

Shin Ji-ae (34), a senior player whom 안전놀이터 I met at the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open last month, said to Lim, who was thinking about advancing to the US, “There is no need to worry anymore.” Even if she is a year old, challenge her while she is young,” she advised.

Although Lim Hee-jung showed a somewhat cautious reaction to her full-fledged entry into the US, she conveyed her will to take off. He said, “Shouldn’t I go after (Park) Min-ji, who swept Korea, entered the US?” revealed She continued, “There are no titles other than the Popularity Award. If I win the title, whether it be the prize money king or the grand prize, I think I will have confidence and trust in myself. This year’s goal is the prize money king,” he said with strength. “Increasing distance is a lifelong task,” she added.

Lim Hee-jung suffered a lot because of a big car accident at the beginning of last season. Her neck stiffened and her body shape changed so she couldn’t make her characteristic flexible swing. In the meantime, she won the Korean Women’s Open in June, but she regretted that the second half of the season was in a hurry to finish.

This year, I changed everything except clothes for a new leap forward. The club was also changed to TaylorMade, and the management company was also transferred. The main sponsor will also change. He said, “I thought a lot about how to make it better, so I kept pushing for changes. He tends to think that if there is going to be trial and error, it’s better to go through it quickly,” he laughs.

When asked if there was anything he wanted to do besides golf, he brought up golf again. Lim Hee-jung said, “I want to learn table tennis. Table tennis is an aerobic exercise that secretly consumes a lot of physical strength,” he added, “I like learning hobbies that are helpful for golf.” He smiled, saying, “If I could live my second life, I would still be a golfer.” .

His ultimate goal as an active player is to become world number one. After his retirement, he said he wanted to be a good influencer. Lim Hee-jeong said, “I will be faithful to my life as a golf player in order to become that kind of person.” (Laughter) My goal is to be active as a competitive active soldier until the age of 35.”

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