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The will of man is his happiness

Life Without Retirement

 November 12, 2014. When I first went to Laos and said that I was spreading baseball through talent donation, everyone responded with “crazy”, “impossible”, “reckless”, and “stupid behavior”. Laos, which started with this kind of interest and concern, has spread baseball unimaginably over the past 10 years. Through baseball, many young people are finding new dreams and hopes. When everyone said it was impossible, it was so amazing that baseball developed in Laos, and baseball is becoming the target of envy for many teenagers.

There were many difficulties and obstacles to achieve this, but every time I did not give up and moved forward looking into the distant future, not the present, made this amazing result.

After spending a long time of 8 years, at the end of March 2021, people around me expressed a lot of concern when I said that I would go to Vietnam again to spread baseball. There was a lot of worry, “Why do you go down the hard road again in this difficult time?”, but on the other hand, I also heard a hopeful message, “I will be able to do well this time too.”

Anyone can choose the easy one. Difficult things are not easy to challenge. However, if that difficult task is a valuable task in the world, 토토 and if someone accomplishes a difficult but valuable task, it will be a task that others will never consider difficult and will not give up on. We have to challenge and pioneer these things.

Even when I first spread baseball in Laos, I also thought, “Is this possible? Why am I recklessly challenging this supposedly impossible task? Could it be that he started this work because of someone’s attention?” Things that started like this have progressed to an unimaginable extent now after 10 years have passed and are producing much greater results than initially thought.

In Laos, when everyone said it was impossible, I made a miraculous thing after challenging myself to the point of recklessness. So is Vietnam. Similar to Laos. I remember that most of them were filled with negative stories rather than hopeful ones. Still, I was able to challenge again because I jumped in with the idea that it was impossible to not be able to play baseball in Vietnam, where all conditions were much better than Laos. .

Of course, spreading baseball here in Vietnam, creating a baseball association, and selecting Vietnam’s first national baseball players to send them to Asian competitions and the world stage may seem impossible. However, since it has already been experienced once, Vietnam started with the hope that it would work out as successfully as Laos.

In this way, on December 30, 2019, the things that started with teacher Lee Jang-hyung were established on April 10, 2021, the first baseball association in Vietnam, and the ‘DGB Indochina Peninsula International Convention’, an international competition to be held in Laos at the end of February. I was proud to lead the national team and participate in the competition.

It seemed that everything would end when the baseball association was established in Vietnam, but I am well aware that it is just the beginning. It is time for Vietnamese baseball to take a step forward. In order to take a step forward, there will be many difficulties and adversity in the future. However, if many people for Vietnam baseball join forces with the wisdom gained through one experience, I believe that the day will come when people around the world will be surprised and praise Vietnamese baseball.

They don’t even try, and even if they try, they give up in the middle and call it ‘impossible’. If we have a heart like my life philosophy, ‘Never ever give up’, the day will come when we will achieve what we set out to do. I will live the rest of my life joyfully and happily with the work of distributing baseball to the Indochina Peninsula in mind.