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KT’s new face, Ildefonso’s determination “The reason for coming to Korea, the team’s PO advancement”

On the 15th, the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball All-Star Game was held at the KT Sonicboom Arena in Suwon.

The pre-event before the start of the All-Star Game, the Philippine Asia Quarter players’ autograph session was a success amid the enthusiasm of the fans. Lens Abando (KGC), Ronjay Avarientos (Hyundai Mobis), Sam Joseph Belrangel (Korea Gas Corporation), and Dave Ildefonso (KT) attended the autograph session that day.

Ildefonso, who newly joined KT as a Filipino Asian quarter player, showed an active attitude in communicating with fans like the other three. Even though he hadn’t debuted on the KBL stage yet, fans paid a lot of attention and affection to Ildefonso.

Ildefonso, who we met after the autograph session, said, “I am grateful that you recognized me a lot even though I have not played yet. I am grateful that not only me but also the Filipino players next to me liked it. This scene is a Filipino player who wants to play basketball in Korea. I think it will set a good example for others.”

Ildefonso said that the advice of Filipino players on Korean culture and environment was very helpful in the background of choosing to enter the KBL stage.

Ildefonso said, “Before I came to Korea, I heard a lot of stories from close players. The Philippines and Korea played very fiercely in the national team game, so I know it well, and the players said a lot about the Korean culture and environment. “I have a big desire to play in the game quickly. I want to show a good image to the fans.”

When asked to pick an opponent he would like to win, he said, “All three of the people who attended the autograph session today have known each other since high school and played together in the national team. If I were to choose an opponent I would like to win with, KGC is in first place, so I will try to beat (Lens) Abando. I want to,” he replied.

Ildefonso, a tall guard, is expected to be a resource that can revitalize the front line of KT. Head coach Seo Dong-chul also said that Ildefonso showed passion not only in scoring but also in other areas such as defense and rebounding.

Ildefonso said, “I’m a player 안전놀이터 who tries my best to do what the coach wants me to do. Whether it’s a scorer, a rebounder, or a dirty job, it depends on what role you’re asking for, but I’m ready to do it all.” 

He continued, “To the extent that it’s hard to name all the KT players, they treat me like family, just like the original people. Lester Prosper, Kim Young-hwan, Jung Sung-woo, Ha Yoon-gi, and Park Ji-won are all so good that it’s hard to tell them all about the team’s adaptation.” Explained. 

KT, which threw a game by replacing foreign players and recruiting Asian quotas, entered the All-Star break in 7th place. Ildefonso’s goal is, of course, KT to advance to the playoffs.

Ildefonso said, “My goal is more important than the team. I think the reason I came to Korea was to devote myself to helping the team advance to the playoffs. The team is currently in 7th place, but my goal is to work hard and raise the rankings.” . 

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