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If I had been a little faster, I would have received Bale’s uniform”…Japanese fans also mock Coach Klinsmann for ‘requesting uniform

Japanese fans are also criticizing Coach Klinsmann.

On the 8th (Korean time), the Korean national soccer team met Wales at Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, England, and drew 0-0.

Recently, Director Klinsmann has been criticized due to frequent controversies regarding his outings. Moreover, the performance of the Korean national team in charge is not good. South Korea has not achieved a single win in five games since Coach Klinsmann took office. Their record is 3 draws and 2 losses.

The Wales game was also a poor performance. The players played hard, but were unable to display their skills due to mismatched positions and roles. Moreover, Wales did not play at 100% in the game at the time. There was a reason.

“We definitely should have played a friendly,” Wales coach Rob Page said before the game. To be honest, I would rather not play.”

He said, “We have injured players. The important game for me is against Latvia. “We have to manage the players accordingly,” he said.

In this situation, Korea showed a lethargic performance. After the game, Coach Klinsmann’s unusual behavior was highlighted and criticism intensified. It is known that Coach Klinsmann requested a uniform from Wales captain Aaron Ramsey immediately after the Wales game.

It’s not a scene you see often. There are many cases where players exchange uniforms to commemorate international matches, but it is extremely rare for a losing coach to ask an opposing player for a uniform.

Coach Klinsmann said, “My son is the LA Galaxy goalkeeper. “He sent a message asking if he could accept Ramsey’s uniform,” he explained the reason for the request.스포츠토토

An article criticizing Director Klinsmann from Korea reached Japan. Japanese netizens who saw this also criticized it further. One Japanese fan said, “If you can’t win in a serious situation and have a relaxed attitude, the fans will be angry. “It helps us to have the coach of Korea, one of the most formidable teams in Asia, in this condition.”

Other fans said, “A great player does not necessarily become a great manager. History proves it”, “I don’t feel the will to do it”, “Isn’t motivation low?”, “Aren’t we aiming for a more famous player’s jersey next?”, “I wish it had been a little sooner than Gareth Bale’s jersey. There was a negative response such as “I was able to receive it.”

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