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I only started 1 game in 2 years… 2nd place in strikeouts after pushing out top pitcher Yamamoto, 7th year high school graduate who got stronger after elbow surgery

2021-2022, 2 consecutive years of wins, average ERA, strikeouts, winning rate 4 crowns. He won the Pacific League MVP two years in a row and won the Sawamura Award, the highest honor given to a starting pitcher. The best pitcher in Nippon Professional Baseball for the past two years has been right-hander Yamamoto Yoshinobu (25) of the Orix Buffaloes. He led Orix to the top of the league for two consecutive years and contributed to winning the Japan Series last year.

Various records show that Yamamoto is a pitcher of another dimension. 2021 18 wins-1.39-206 strikeouts-0.783 win rate, 15 wins last year-1.68-205 strikeouts-0.750.

Loki Sasaki (21), the “monster pitcher” of the Chiba Lotte Marines, changed the game this season. Sasaki, who received pitching inning management at the club level until last year, is actually pitching full-time this year. In his fourth year as a professional, he filled the regular innings for the first time, pushing out Yamamoto, who had dominated for the past two years.

As of the 13th, Sasaki is at the top of the major divisions, excluding the most wins division. Average ERA (1.48) – strikeouts (121) – 1st in win rate (0.778), tied for 2nd in wins (7 wins).

Yamamato is 1st in wins (8 wins) – 2nd in ERA (1.70), 3rd in strikeouts (94), and 2nd in win rate (0.727). percy

There are only two ERAs in the 1 point range in the pick league. Sasaki has 79 innings and Yamamoto has 1 home run in 85⅓ innings.

However, there is one thing that stands out about individual rankings. Yamamoto is third, not next to Sasaki, the unrivaled strikeout leader. Sasaki’s Chiba Lotte team senior, Atsuki Taneichi (24), is second.

Right-hander Taneichi, 7th year pro. On the 9th, he started against the Nippon Ham Fighters held at Scorn Field in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido, and allowed 7 hits and 2 runs in 7 innings. He recorded his 8th quality start of the season (6 or more innings pitched and 3 earned runs or less), and posted his 6th win. He struck out 12 of 21 with an out count on 123 pitches with no walks and no walks.

101 strikeouts in 78⅓ innings, 7 fewer pitched innings than Yamamoto, who has 101 strikeouts for 2 consecutive years, but strikes out 7 more. The two are classmates who joined in 2017.

Taneichi pitched in just one game during the two seasons of 2021-2022. He underwent right elbow surgery in September 2020 and climbed the mound once in the second half of last year.

This year, the first team opened. In the game against Nippon Ham on the 9th, he threw 103 pitches until the 6th inning and took the mound in the 7th inning.

rose to After his return, he confirmed his ability to digest innings by throwing 123, the most.

He passed the 120 pitches that coach Masato Yoshii, a former pitcher who won 121 victories in the United States and Japan, had hoped for. “If you’re a starting pitcher, he should be able to throw 120 or more,” is Manager Yoshii’s theory. Taneichi is second in wins in the team behind Sasaki.

He is from the Tohoku region, like Sasaki, who was born in Iwate Prefecture. After graduating from high school in Aomori, the northeastern tip of the main island of the Japanese archipelago, he wore a Chiba Lotte uniform with the 6th pick in the draft.메이저사이트주소

On April 9, he pitched 6 scoreless innings against the Rakuten Eagles. After 988 days since July 2020, he won a first-team match. On May 16, against the Orix Buffaloes, he allowed 1 run in 9 innings with 109 pitches. He returned from his injury and pitched nine innings for the first time ever.

The highest velocity of a fastball thrown by a pro is 153 km/h. Sasaki throws a 160 km/h light speed ball by 10k

falls close to m. The two types of sliders and forkballs are powerful.

The elbow surgery seems to have instilled confidence in Taneichi. I wonder how he, who is showing his presence among the best pitchers, will finish the season.

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