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Former agent Kim Min-jae recommends Lee Han-beom to Naples who lost the ‘Iron Pillar’ “Same level as Kim Min-jae 4 years ago”

“Four years ago, Kim Min-jae and Lee Han-beom were at the same level.”

Johannes Strachwitz, the former agent of Kim Min-jae and the current agent of Jung Woo-young and Lee Han-beom, told an interesting story.메이저사이트주소

Strachwitz appeared on the Italian radio “CRC” and praised FC Seoul defender Lee Han-beom. He said, “Actually, I wanted to take Jung Woo-young to Naples. I like Naples the most in Italy. However, he will head to the Bundesliga (Jung Woo-young has a contract with Stuttgart).” That’s why I’m watching his career. Because I know Kim Min-jae so well, there are parts where I can compare him. Kim Min-jae and Lee Han-beom from 4 years ago are at the same level.”

If you were Kim Min-jae from 4 years ago, what level would you be? In 2019, he moved from Jeonbuk Hyundai to Beijing Guoan. He has already been rated as the best defender in the K-League and has won many awards. He was named in the best 11 starting with the 2017 K League 1 Young Player Award, and in 2019 he was named the best defender in Asia beyond South Korea.

Lee Han-beom is also a defender that the Korean soccer world is paying attention to, and a key power that is highly likely to appear in the upcoming 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. In the 2023 season K-League 1, he is recording 1 assist in 13 appearances.

It is hard to deny that Lee Han-beom has the talent to become the ‘next Kim Min-jae’. Even so, it is a great compliment that he is mentioned with Kim Min-jae four years ago. Of course, this is also a possible evaluation because Strachwitz is Lee Han-beom’s agent.

Napoli, along with Kim Min-jae in the 2022-23 season, embraced Scudetto 33 years after the late Diego Maradona era. Kim Min-jae won the Serie A Best Defense Award in the 2022-23 season and was also named in the Best 11. However, a transfer to Bayern Munich is likely. Strahwitz emphasized that Lee Han-beom could be a replacement for Kim Min-jae.

Strahwitz said, “The fact that Lee Han-beom and Kim Min-jae are at the same level as four years ago will be an appropriate reason for Napoli to choose to fill the void. Personally, I hope that Lee Han-beom will follow the path of Kim Min-jae, and if Napoli shows interest, we will be able to talk.”

He added, “Because Lee Han-beom has the same value as Kim Min-jae four years ago, he is recommended to Napoli.”

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