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‘Flexor muscle injury’ Koo Chang-mo to be treated at his own expense at Ijima Rehabilitation Center in Yokohama, Japan…last ditch effort for AG

NC Dinos’ Chang-mo Gu has traveled to Japan for a quick recovery.

Koo Chang-mo left for Japan on the 8th. He will visit Yokohama Ijima Medical Center, a “mecca for rehabilitation,” and stay for a week to receive treatment.

The clinic, which is often visited by 메이저놀이터 Japanese professional athletes, is known for its pain control methods such as electrotherapy to help athletes recover quickly. This trip to Japan is at his own expense. He is determined to recover quickly so that he can qualify for the Hangzhou Asian Games in the fall.

Koo started an away game against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Feb. 2, but left the game after throwing five pitches to get the leadoff hitter. After two medical examinations in Korea, he was given a three-week diagnosis of a micro-injury to the flexor muscle between his elbow and wrist. Luckily, it was the wrist, so the rehabilitation period was shortened. Koo has been on the injured list since the third day.

Koo was named as a wild card in the preliminary roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team announced on April 28. The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Strength and Conditioning Committee will announce the final roster for Hangzhou AG on April 9.

Koo Chang-mo and the NC team have strong hopes of being selected, saying they have “enough time to recover before the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) in October.” A week of treatment in Japan at his own expense will also help him recover quickly and qualify for the Asian Games.

“The timing is a bit bad, but I have enough time to recover,” NC coach Kang Myung-ho said during the Daegu Samsung Electronics tournament on June 6-8. I don’t know how the Power Enhancement Committee will decide, but I will probably be fully recovered by then.” “I can return before the All-Star break. The Asian Games in October is definitely possible,” he emphasized. “If there are any injuries, we can change the roster,” he said, adding that he strongly hopes to make the team.

In fact, Koo Chang-mo is not the only player on the sidelines. A number of key players have returned from injury or are close to returning. It’s up to the Power Enhancement Committee to decide whether to be flexible with the selection process and the duration of the competition, or to exclude injured players altogether.

It is also possible to include them in the roster and then replace them if new injuries occur or recovery is slow.

Koo Chang-mo has been accepted into the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Commercial) and is expected to enlist later this year. Will he be able to make the final roster for the Asian Games after choosing to undergo compassionate treatment in Japan? It’s a day of destiny.

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