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Chelsea explosion is due to ‘sister town’ ㅋㅋ→Although it turns out there are 11 times ‘L’ in the name…

If there’s one team in the English Premier League that has fallen apart this year, it’s Chelsea. They’ve been so bad this year that it’s hard to tell if they’re the same team that qualified for the Champions League last year.

They finished third last season, but this year they’ve slipped almost 10 places to 12th. If they lose their home game against Newcastle on 먹튀검증 Monday morning, they could drop as low as 14th.
To mock Chelsea’s collapse in a year, a Welsh town is reportedly making fun of the club with a hilarious town introduction.

The Daily Star reported on Sunday that Chelsea’s “twinned village” is like a “twin” to Chelsea. The twinning village is located in Wales and has too many English alphabet L’s in its name, meaning too many L’s for Lose, which means to lose.

Technically, it’s not even a twinned village. With so many L’s in its name, the town’s sign reads, “The only place with more L’s than our town is Chelsea FC, which is twinned with our town.

According to reports, people in the small north Wales town were surprised to see their town “twinned” with Chelsea after the Blues lost 4-1 to Manchester United. It was Chelsea’s 16th loss of the season to United.

Chelsea, who are having their worst season since the 1970s, are being trolled for a sign in a Welsh village.

The sign at the entrance to the village reads. The name of the village is ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch’. This seems to be the real name. ‘Welcome to our village. Twinned with Chelsea FC, the only place with more L’s,’ it says. There’s also a Chelsea logo, but instead of a lion on its paws, it’s lying down. I think it means surrender.

The town’s name is so long (probably Welsh) that it’s often shortened. There are 58 letters in the alphabet, but it’s shortened to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. That’s only 20 letters. There are 11 L’s in the town’s name, which is only half of the 22 times Chelsea have lost in all competitions this year, the press explained.

“Soccer is booming in Wales right now, with Hollywood A-listers leading local clubs to great success,” the town official said, “and given the renaissance, we thought Chelsea could benefit from some Welsh magic.” He was referring to actor Ryan Reynolds, of Deadpool fame, and another actor, Rob McElhenny, who bought the Welsh club Wrexham and won a championship.

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