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‘Attack success rate of 76%’ A presence comparable to that of a foreigner… There was a reason for giving the main setter

Indeed, there was a reason for giving away the main setter. Outside hitter Kim Ji-han (23, Woori Card), who joined as a trade ahead of this season, is showing off a presence comparable to that of a foreign player.

Woori Card won with a set score of 3-1 메이저사이트 (25-18, 25-18, 24-26, 25-16) in a match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the third round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th.

With this, Woori Card jumped to 4th place, beating KEPCO with 8 wins and 6 losses (21 points). The first contributor to victory was Kim Ji-han, who achieved the first triple crown on the day of his debut. Playing as an apposite spiker, he scored a total of 29 points, including 3 blocking points, 4 serving aces, and 8 points in the back attack. Including the 100% attack success rate in the second set, he led the team attack with a high figure of 75.86% overall on the day.

After the game, Kim Ji-han said, “I couldn’t do it in the last game against Hyundai Capital. Every time I hit, I had to drag (the ball that came up) down and hit it, and as a result, I often got caught in the opponent’s blocking or bounced. The coach also gave advice on this part. He did it, and today, the more concise strength and hitting worked well.”

Even the cool-headed command tower gave a passing grade on this day. Coach Shin said, “As a manager, I want to praise the players for working hard even in the absence of Agamez.” He knew how to do it, and he did very well. The serve and all the rhythms in the attack have a softer taste.”

Kim Ji-han’s dazzling performance is not the only one. As foreign players of Woori Card collapsed due to injuries one after another this season, they did not miss the opportunity that gradually increased. For that reason, it is still invisible in the cumulative record except for the 4th place in the back attack success rate league (58.82%), but it is running toward a career high in most attack indicators. Thanks to that, the gap of Riverman Agamez (37, Woori Card) is not felt.

Behind it was the teaching of the teacher who noticed the potential of the disciple and pursued it toward a higher place. Kim Ji-han said, “I’m practicing hitting the ball more concisely. I didn’t do it at the beginning of my debut, but I started again recently.” He laughed and said, “If I touch the ball once during practice, I can hear the coach’s words.”

From Woori Card’s point of view, Kim Ji-han was one of the players who needed to do well. Ahead of this season, they gave up starter Ha Seung-woo (27) and libero Jang Ji-won (21) to KEPCO and brought in Kim Ji-han and Oh Jae-seong (30) as libero. Expectations are high for Kim Ji-han’s growth as he gave up and brought in setters and prospects who are difficult to foster.

Director Shin Young-chul said, “I work hard on my own, but there are things that need to be fixed. My form is still too big when hitting. I need to be more concise, but it’s a habit that’s ingrained in my body, so I can’t fix it right away. So, while stretching at the dorm, I practiced my swing with a towel in the mirror and looked in the mirror for time. He told me that I had to do it every time,” but added, “Aside from that, if I change things like receiving and things like that, I think I’ll be better than now.”