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The will of man is his happiness

A word from a national treasure setter “If you are a player, you must develop the ability to judge quickly on the court, so you can become a strong team”

You need to develop the ability to make quick decisions.”

Korean Air, led by coach Tommy Tilikhainen, held the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Men’s Round 3 set score 3-2 (24-26, 25-17, 25-23, 19-25, 15) held at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the 15th. -11) and went on a five-game winning streak.

Korean Air, which added 2 points, recorded 33 points (11 wins, 2 losses), widening the gap with second place Hyundai Capital (30 points, 10 wins, 4 losses) to 3 points.

Setter Han, who led the team to victory by showing smooth ball distribution to the strikers on the day. However, the expression of the player I met after the game was not so good. As I played the game under pressure, a 2% regret remained in my heart.

After the game, one player said, “Whenever we meet our team, other teams try to do well. I think we shouldn’t have any pressure, 메이저사이트 but the players have to overcome it. There is a lot of pressure to run for first place. Once we looked at the results, the players had a strong will to win, so we were able to secure victory.”

After the match, head coach Tillikainen expressed regret over the performance of the players. Coach Tillikainen said, “It was not the level or content of the game I wanted. I will show good quality in the next game.”

In response, player Han said, “The coach said he would watch the game again and talk about it. Players have to play on the court with their own thoughts. I think that part did not go well.”

He said, “Every game doesn’t go the way you thought it would. Players need to develop the ability to judge quickly on the court. Only then can we become a strong team. The coaching staff and the players have to talk about that and solve it and overcome it. There is regret, so I have to point it out.”

He won the combined championship for two consecutive years, and has not lost his lead this season. Because of that, the burden is bound to be great. The responsibility of player Han, who is the captain and is in charge of the field commander’s position, is indescribable.

He said, “As a captain, the most important thing is nothing else. just watching the game. Regardless of whether we are at the top or not, just one game is important. Of course, there is a pressure to win first place, but if you focus on the game, all that pressure will disappear.”

Player Han held the MVP award for the second round ahead of the match. It is the first award in 13 seasons since the MVP award in January of the 2009-10 season. Also, as a setter, it is the first time since Noh Jae-wook (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), who played for Hyundai Capital in the 2015-16 season.

One player said, “The award most strikers receive is round MVP. He is grateful and thinks he got it because of his colleagues. thanks to my colleagues I will do my best to lead well in the future,” he smiled.

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