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‘4Hal Duo’ Lim Jae-min vs Yeon Jun-won Only One Laughs… Busan vs Sunlin Golden Lion Final Showdown

Sunlin Im and Busan Go Yeon Junwon flew. They led their teams to the final stage.

In the last five years, Sunlin and Busan have never made it to the Golden Lion Finals, and while they have never won the title, they have defeated Daegu Sangwon and Gangneung, respectively, to reach the final.

The two are among the players who have made the most of this tournament.

Im Jae-min went 0-for-2 against Daegu Sangwon High School, but he drew two walks, scored a run, and had an RBI. He is now 15-for-6 (.400) 토토사이트 with six RBIs for the Golden Lions, including a 3-for-2 performance against Jeon Jun-pyo and others in the last Seoul Classic, a 5-for-2 performance against Kim Taek-yeon in the Incheon Classic, and a 1-for-1 performance in the Shinil Classic. If Sun-lin wins the title, he’s a strong MVP candidate.

KBO legend Kim Kwang-soo, chairman of the Ilgukhoe, said, “He knows how to play baseball. He has a good sense and an excellent bat. He is a resource for a good infielder,” he said.

Lee Young-bok, the head coach of the youth national team, also said, “He’s a waste. If he wasn’t paid, he could have been considered for selection once.”

Yeon Jun-won raised his price even more than Im Jae-min. He was already a contender, but he’s now a legitimate contender after improving Cho’s ERA. Im Jae-min defeated Gangneung Go, a strong favorite, thanks to a crazy performance from Yeon Jun-won. In particular, Yeon went 3-for-5 with three RBIs and a stolen base to lead the team’s offense. He went 5-for-3 in the quarterfinals and 3-for-2 in the semifinals with four stolen bases. For the tournament, he was 8-for-18 (.444) with six RBI and five stolen bases. On top of that, he was the one who pulled a ball off of Dae-hyun Cho and stole second base to start the game.

There was no shortage of quick feet, clean fielding, and great hitting ability. If Yeon Jun-won can win this tournament, he will have won two titles after last year’s phoenix tournament. In particular, he will get a big bonus point for hitting well against Cho Dae-hyun. He is currently the most prominent player not only in Busan High, but in the entire Busan region.

Im Jae-min and Yeon Jun-won have something in common: they are the centerpieces of their respective teams. They are also both MVP candidates for the Golden Lion. In addition, Sunlin Internet High School and Busan High School are the most likely candidates for professional designation. Busan can throw Kim Dong-hoo, a long sidearm who pitched well in the quarterfinals. Won Sang-hyun has rejoined the team, although he may or may not be able to pitch here. Seolin Internet Go can be pitched by right-handed orthodox Kim Tae-wan in the final. The team is capable of going toe-to-toe, so it will come down to which player can open up the offense.

Im Jae-min and Yeon Jun-won, only one of them will be smiling on May 27. Whoever wins will likely take home the championship and the MVP trophy. Which player will the golden lion smile at? We’ll find out at 10 a.m. on May 26.

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