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43-year-old Teixeira is aiming for ‘Return of the King’. Preparations are complete – UFC 283 on the 12th

Now that he is 43, many are concerned about his stamina, but Teixeira remains ‘no problem’. Well, his stamina wasn’t far behind when he lost a come-from-behind submission to Pro Hazuka in last year’s match.

But this time, the opponent is 12-year-old Jamahal Hill. Teixeira was born in 1979 and Hill was born in 1991. The first task is how to handle heels that are roughly driven by people of the same age.

Teixeira wanted to reclaim the crown in his return match against Prohazka last month. However, the schedule was disrupted when Prohazka voluntarily gave up the title due to a serious injury.

The UFC recommended a fight with a pinch hitter, but Teixeira refused, and it became a decider between Blokovic and Ankalaev. However, as the two drew, the second match was played.

Tesseria said it was ‘destiny’ and said that she wanted to write a new history by winning the title match at home. In order to do so, he revealed that he had been working hard on his power distribution while doing more physical training than ever before.

A strategy to deal 메이저사이트 with heels with skill rather than strength. It is a tactic of digging into Hill’s mistakes while playing slowly, but there is no other way for Teixeira, who is weak.

Jamahal Hill was lucky enough to get a title fight even though he was 7th in the rankings. All of the top rankers have recently played or are scheduled to play, so their turn has come.

In August of last year, he defeated Thiago Santos by TKO in the 4th inning, winning three in a row.

MMA 11-1, UFC A tough fighter with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss. It is incomparable to Teixeira, who has 41 fights in MMA and 16 wins and 6 losses in UFC.

However, a generation whose stamina precedes experience. That’s why Teixeira is the underdog at +105, despite her tremendous career. But he doesn’t have a big difference. Heal is -125 at most. level that can be overcome.

Teixeira to the Octagon after 7 months. He is sweating his last to write a special history of ascending to the throne twice in his 40s

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