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2+1 up to 1 billion won… Kiwoom signs a multi-year contract with infielder Lee Won-seok for the first time in the club

 Kiwoom Heroes signed a multi-year contract with infielder Lee Won-seok for the first time in the club on the 28th.메이저사이트

The contract period is 2+1 years, guaranteeing two years from 2024 to 2025, and automatically extending by one year until 2026 when the option is met. The size of the contract is a condition of receiving an annual salary of 400 million won in the first year and 300 million won thereafter, up to a maximum of 1 billion won. The contract between the club and the player was signed on that day, but it will only take effect after final approval from the KBO on February 1 next year.

Ahead of the 2021 season, Lee Won-seok signed a second FA contract with the then-affiliated club Samsung Lions. Lee Won-seok moved to Kiwoom Heroes through a trade in April. Although he has to play another season next year to reacquire FA qualification, the club decided to sign a multi-year contract with Lee Won-seok early on and accompany him for up to three more years.

Regarding the background of signing a multi-year contract with Kiwoom Heroes, Koh Hyung-wook said, “Lee Won-seok, who joined through a trade, quickly melts into the team and serves as the center of the other line. He sets an example for his juniors by being sincere and leading by example. He highly praised Lee Won-seok’s leadership and attitude in leading young players while serving as his reliable eldest brother. I hope he continues to infuse positivity both inside and outside the dugout,” he said.

Lee Won-seok said, “Thank you for signing a multi-year contract on good terms during the season. It is a great motivation. I will show a better image with a sense of responsibility.” Now I think I can put down my worries and burdens and concentrate more on baseball. I think there will definitely be a role I want on the team. I will do my best to always set an example for my fellow players.”

After graduating from Dongsung High School in Gwangju, Lee Won-seok made his pro debut at Lotte Giants in 2005, then moved to Doosan Bears and Samsung Lions and moved to Kiwoom Heroes through a trade last April.

Lee Won-seok, who has excellent corner infield defense and slugging power, has participated in 1,754 KBO league games, recording 1,397 hits in 5,313 at-bats, 144 home runs, and 774 RBIs with a batting average of 0.263.메이저도메인

He has played in 68 games this season and is active with 63 hits in 235 at-bats, 2 home runs and 21 RBIs with a batting average of 0.268.

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