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2 games until the team’s most consecutive losses, Samsung’s losing streak until when

Seoul Samsung has not been able to accumulate a multiplier for over a month. Samsung fell into a 12-game losing streak after winning against Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan on December 19 last year. After the appointment of coach Eun Hee-seok, it seemed to be transformed into a tight-knit team armed with organizational power, but this did not last long, and it is walking back to its original position, leaving behind the exciting early and mid-season.메이저사이트

Samsung faces Carrot on the 30th and Suwon KT on February 2nd. If you can’t escape the losing streak in these two games, you will tie the club’s own record of 14 consecutive losses. The players have no choice but to play the game with greater tension. However, in order not to rewrite the dishonorable record, Samsung needs to break the losing streak as soon as possible somehow. Even if the team is reorganized, the priority is to break the losing streak.

Carrot’s record against opponents this season is 2 wins and 1 loss. Carrot easily defeated Samsung in two face-to-face encounters except for the first round.

It is the same that Carrot, who opposes this, has a busy way to go. Carrot is on a two-game losing streak after five consecutive victories. In order to enter the stability zone of the playoffs in the 6th round, you must hold on to Samsung. During the playoff competition, 5th place Carrot is being pursued by 6th place KCC and 7th place DB by 2 games and 2.5 games, respectively.

While DB is running 4 consecutive wins since acting manager Kim Joo-seong and is coming up, if they lose to Samsung, they will record 3 consecutive losses and have no choice but to fight hard in the future ranking competition. Therefore, Carrot is also a game that must win unconditionally. For reference, apart from the fact that Carrot is currently in a losing streak, he has won all four recent games at home.

Carrot is expected to attack Samsung’s defense with their main weapon, the 3-point shot. Carrot, who currently ranks first with a team 3-point shot success rate of 36%, boasted a higher 3-point shot accuracy (38.6%) in the match against Samsung. In addition, Carrot, who is recording an average of 2.8 fast-breaking points, scored 7.5 fast-breaking points, far exceeding that against Samsung. In both victorious games, the main weapon, the 3-point shot, as well as the fast attack after stealing, stood out, widening the score gap.

Therefore, as before, if Carrot’s high-precision 3-pointer, aggressive defense, and fast attack harmonize these three beats, he will be able to gain a clear advantage in the opponent’s performance against Samsung.

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